A Smoke-Free New Year

by | Jan 6, 2022

January is a great time to establish new, healthier routines that will set you on the path to a smoke-free life. To help you start your quit journey, we’ve put together a few tips for not just setting the right goals, but achieving them.   After you read through these, be sure to sign up for the Smoke Break Challenge, which offers 30 days of tips, advice and encouragement, as well as a quit kit that we’ll mail directly to you!  

Pick a quit date  

When it comes to choosing a quit date, sooner is better than later … and it helps to stay away from a time when you might be extra stressed and tempted to smoke. Displaying this quit date somewhere you will see everyday can also help you to stay inspired. 

Know your “Quitspiration”  

Think hard about the reason (or reasons) you want to quit. Is it for family? To improve your health? Save money? There are no wrong answers.   Once you’ve named your Quitspirations, physically write them down. Just like your quit date, keeping these reasons visible in your everyday life will help you along the way.   

Know your triggers  

Certain feelings, activities and even people are linked with the urge to smoke. Knowing what your triggers are will help to smooth your path to a tobacco-free life. Take time to reflect on the specific items in your life that set off your urge to smoke. 

Work through ways to deal with your triggers  

After you’ve identified the triggers specific to you, it’s time to plan for ways to deal with them. Think and/or write down a plan for how you will handle each trigger when it comes up. Consider throwing away common reminders of smoking, trying to spend less time with other smokers in your life or changing your routine to avoid the things you associate with smoking.  

Set milestones  

Try not to think of quitting as a forever task. Pay attention to RIGHT NOW and the time will add up before you even realize. As you get started, set specific milestones that you want to reach to help stay motivated and prevent being overwhelmed. If you slip along the way, don’t think of it as a failure, but as a learning opportunity to help keep your journey moving forward. 

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