Grocery shopping on a budget

by | Oct 27, 2022

One of the biggest struggles for quitters is managing stressful situations without picking up a cigarette. Everyday life is full of them, with grocery shopping right at the top of the list—especially if money is tight. To help cut down on your shopping-day anxiety, we put together some tips to help you be more organized and get the most out of your budget. Be sure to try them the next time you head to the grocery store!   


Make a budget (and stick to it) 

Budgeting for groceries helps you plan what you need in advance, and how much you expect to spend. Before heading out to shop, look at your receipt or digital spending from the last trip so you have an idea of how much your most commonly bought items will cost. Bonus tip: consider paying for your groceries in cash, which will help you to stick to the budget.   


Plan ahead! 

Planning your meals ahead of time is an easy way to know what ingredients you need, which will help you figure out your budget for the week. Making a shopping list of the foods you need for the week is also a great way to keep from going over budget with impulse buys. But don’t forget that quitting is tough, so be sure to treat yourself to a special snack occasionally! 


Cut back on waste  

One of the easiest ways to reduce wasted money at the store is to buy an appropriate amount of perishable food, since these items tend to go bad quickly. Perishable food includes fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, food from refrigerated sections and dairy products. Try to buy these items in small quantities so you can enjoy them before they go bad.  

Other times, buying more than you need for the week can save you money, too. Buying foods in bulk is a great way to save money and time.  


Use store rewards  

Store savings and rewards programs can go a long way in minimizing the amount you pay during a grocery run. Make sure to check if your local store has coupons, a rewards plan, or other money-saving programs in place. Buying store-brand foods is also a good way to reduce your cost.  


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