Oh, Word? with Lawrence Cain Jr.

by | Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to Oh, Word?, a new blog series where Quit Culture partners share their stories, expertise and real-world experiences with tobacco. For this first post, we talked with Lawrence Cain Jr., author and CEO of Cincinnati-based Abundance University.

Like many of us, Lawrence Cain Jr. grew up with smokers all around him. Cigarettes and their negative impact were a part of everyday life for the family. His great-grandfather was a lifelong smoker who started when he was just 8 years old. One of his aunts passed away unexpectedly due to smoking-related illness. And more recently, his grandmother collapsed in front of his wife and son thanks to a lifetime of smoking cigarettes.

Lawrence could see the consequences of smoking early on, and learned from what his family members, unfortunately, had to struggle through. Growing up around smokers helped him understand just how hard it is to quit once you start.

Why Join Quit Culture?

“When we’re in that environment, we can go toward the things we see or away from them,” he shared.. “I’ve been lucky to have not developed a habit, but for others smoking just becomes a part of your day-to-day. It shapes us.”

Seeing that firsthand helped him decide to live smoke-free, and now to serve as a Quit Culture ambassador. As a financial advisor and teacher, he has a unique view on what’s to gain from quitting.

“I believe our communities can benefit from the goals of Quit Culture, physically, financially and emotionally. When you have to fight this addiction, it’s not going to be easy. You have to adjust. What I tell people is, you have to have the mindset to know you can push through the pain of the change.”

Why Quit?

Lawrence also believes there are some key factors that can help others see the bigger picture. It is a very personal journey. In his work as a financial coach, he helps his clients think about how working on beating addiction one step at a time can help them realize financial goals that will help their families and communities.

It helps to choose the best process and motivation for you. For Lawrence, it is his wife and family. For you, it may be something else. Here are a few tips that Lawrence shares with his clients.

  1. Make sure you have financial goals

Having financial goals will ensure you keep in mind a positive alternative for your money that’s not another pack of cigarettes.

2. Get into the mindset to push through the pain

It will be an adjustment and you have to accept that, but you don’t have to do it alone. Places like the Quit Culture Facebook group are a great way to get support from people dealing with the same struggle, and you should also take advantage of resources like the free 2Morrow Health app for motivation throughout the day.

3. Consider how this change impacts your financial future.

Having a will and life insurance in place are super important when it comes to our financial foundation for our families. Quitting or even cutting back on smoking immediately frees up extra money to put toward those goals.

If you’re interested in hearing more from Lawrence, be sure to check out his guest appearance on our video series Smoke Break. You can also connect with him through his website or on Instagram.