Smoke-free Activities to Feed Your Soul

by | Apr 26, 2022

Sometimes life feels overwhelming—a fact that’s even more true when you’re trying to quit smoking. That’s why it’s so important for Quitters to try out healthy habits and activities that can serve as a replacement for tobacco. If you need some help finding new smoke-free practices for your life, check out the recommendations below. Each of them can help you mentally, emotionally and physically.  

Spend time in nature  

Spending time in natural environments has been linked to improvements in mood, mental health and stress levels. Thankfully, Cincinnati is home to some amazing parks and natural areas where you can take time to connect to our natural world and breathe in the fresh air. With springtime here, consider increasing the amount of time you spend outdoors.   

Spark creativity  

Starting a new creative project can help to fuel your inspiration and give you goals to work towards. Whether it’s crafting, writing, dancing or any other form of artistic expression, trying new things will help let your creativity take hold. Check out spaces in your neighborhood that host cultural and art classes. Here are a just a few local resources to consider: Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Black Girls Craft, Kennedy Heights Art Center or ArtsWave 

Read, watch and listen 

Sometimes, getting lost in a good book, show, movie or song is just what you need. Consider choosing something with a positive message to help stay positive. It also helps to avoid content that focuses on characters who smoke. Check out our Quit Culture Spotify playlist for some motivational jams!  

Clean and de-clutter  

Believe it or not, there are mental benefits to cleaning and getting rid of the clutter in your space. These tasks help you to focus on a singular goal and to feel accomplished after the job is done. Having messy or cluttered spaces in your home can also increase feelings of stress and irritability—both common smoking triggers you want to avoid. 

Do something you’ve never done  

Never underestimate the power of trying something new! Change can be intimidating but is important for your personal growth and fulfillment. Plus, showing yourself that you can try a new hobby/activity will help to boost your confidence and your ability to stay smoke-free. 

Are you ready to be a Quitter and try out one or more of these activities? Download the free 2Morrow Heath app for around-the-clock support and join the Quit Culture Facebook group for inspiration from other local people on their journey.